Twin barbara bush dating charlize theron dating jason reitman

Her first day of class at a public elementary school was a media circus, with photographers snapping shots just a few feet away of her in a stocking cap, jacket and Snoopy tote bag.The school quickly established some ground rules to ensure a semblance of normalcy.

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But I think she'll be OK." Still, it wasn't long before "Saturday Night Live" and Rush Limbaugh took a crack at Chelsea, mocking her appearance. Bush, were already young adults -- but not of legal drinking age -- when their names were splashed in headlines during the spring of 2001 after getting caught with liquor.In the process, however, he had, he said, "earned his spurs" in his father's eyes.Later, he returned to Washington to work on his father's failed 1992 presidential campaign.A "New York Post" headline screamed: "Jenna and Tonic - Bush daughter in new booze incident as twin sister watched." And all of this happened before the age of social media, in which the Obama daughters now live.When everyone has a voice via Facebook, Twitter and the like, the children of political families may be subjected to the same swings and arrows as their parents.

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