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That's not just my humble opinion, search the web for fraud and abuse in the U. The whole legal system in America is compromised and corrupt from the top down, just as is the medical industry.

The entire legal system is based upon massive fraud. Courts everywhere are fabricating ordinances and local laws without representation from the citizens which they are sworn to protect and serve. Most of today's bureaucrats, politicians, legislatures, judges and law enforcement are a bunch of criminals hiding behind a false shield of law and justice. The Bible says the time will come when the wicked will kill Christians, thinking they are doing God a favor (John 16:2).

What a pity that our forefathers, who happily extinguished so many fatal customs and expunged from their government so many errors and abuses both religious and civil, did not prevent the introduction of a set of men so dangerous." H. John Crevecoeur, 1787 "I have always thought, from my earliest youth 'til now, that the greatest scourge an angry Heaven ever inflicted upon an ungrateful and a sinning people was an ignorant, a corrupt, or a dependent judiciary." Chief Justice John Marshall Jesus detested lawyers, He really did (Luke ). In the movie, JURASSIC PARK, there's a reason why the audience heartily cheers when the tyrannosaurus eats the lawyer. Bruce Willis' character in the movie SURROGATES, states: I hate lawyers.

He didn't hate them as people; but rather, for their vile profession and how they take advantage of people. Lawyers do a minimum of work and charge astronomical fees, bilking their victims at dire times in their life. Apparently, it's all in a life's work, says Michael Kinsley, who further states . In the 1995 movie INDEPENDENCE DAY, one of the movie's characters tells Jeff Goldblum forget my lawyer when considering whom he should warn of the coming countdown to destruction.

Her family refused to allow her to marry the lawyer, because they said they'd rather have a bastard in the family than a lawyer. Judges are no better, they're simply overpaid lawyers in black robes. To be a lawyer is to agree to cooperate with a corrupt system in America. If you go to school to become a doctor, the big drug companies control the schools. LEGALLY (and this ties in with lawyers), doctors are required by law to prescribe certain drugs for certain systems, AS ESTABLISHED BY LAW.The Social Security Ponzi-fraud is a creature created by congressional lawyers.The doctors and drug companies, with their AMA and FDA (the medical mafia? Most lawyers would need to carry a saw around with them because their nose keeps growing so fast. The only way to avoid having some low-life, welfare-type, CPS thug, from scrutinizing your life and home for the next several years is to hire a lawyer, which is VERY expensive! Whether it is a contract to buy an automobile, open a bank account, or buy a home, lawyers have drawn up the contracts with loads of hidden bombshells. Thank God that lawyers didn't write God's promises in the Holy Bible. John , Jesus answered him, I spake openly to the world; I ever taught in the synagogue, and in the temple, whither the Jews always resort; and in secret have I said nothing. Unconstitutional grazing laws have been enacted behind closed doors, forcing local ranchers to pay grazing taxes which they couldn't afford, which enabled the government to steal their land. A common practice is that after they rape you for tens-of-thousands of dollars, they knock off 5% (aren't they such wonderful people? That's like robbing a bank and then giving 5% back to be nice. This is how the state of Nevada has been successfully stealing the land of hundreds of ranchers. It turns out that much of the land was stolen so a Chinese energy company could be built (on American soil! Most lawyers are malicious, hateful and will take every penny you have for their own greedy benefit.

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