My ex dating rich guy

In turn, he requests more parenting time and/or parental input. When mom sends her kids off to be with their dad, and this woman she doesn’t even know will have full access to them, she can feel like she’s being a bad parent.You’d think this would be a good thing, but this change in dynamic can be threatening and/or scary for mom. It’s easy for her to pinpoint presence as being responsible for this. She doesn’t automatically trust you just because dad does. She sees her ex-husband being a different man with you.I said to him a few times, "If this is totally weird- if you don't want to talk to me- I completely understand and I'll hang up right now and you'll never hear from me again.I just wanted to know how you were doing." He kept answering, "This is just unexpected." I felt like he wanted to talk.

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I felt like he wanted to say so much more, but his girlfriend was there.

I didn't think that what we had was enough because I wasn't fully satisfied with him.

When I was with him, I constantly thought of the man who is now my husband.

God, I wish we could have talked for hours, but I knew that I was being so innappropriate calling him in the first place- especially now knowing that he has finally moved on and had his girlfriend right there.

God, I was so selfish to do that just to ease my own conscience. I love them in different ways for the different traits that they have.

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