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It chronologically examines the Agency's efforts to solve the mystery of UFOs, its programs that had an impact on UFO sightings, and its attempts to conceal CIA involvement in the entire UFO issue.

What emerges from this examination is that, while Agency concern over UFOs was substantial until the early 1950s, CIA has since paid only limited and peripheral attention to the phenomena.

I am afraid that there is no single reason, only a combination of circumstances, each contributing in their own way to a situation which would be ludicrous if it were really not so pathetic.

Let us be clear: regardless of the reality behind the UFO phenomenon – whether it represented an alien intelligence or human psychosis – the summer crisis of 1948 had many people in the American military and intelligence community thinking about this problem, and considering all solutions, including the extraterrestrial one.

Such elitism by the officials of any government, much less a government based on the principles of democracy and individual rights, is a gross injustice not only to its own people, but to all people.

R I am often asked if I can give an answer to the official reticence in the matter of flying saucers.

Special attention is paid to the forensic authentication issues of content, provenance, type, style and chronology.Backed by documents newly declassified through the Freedom of Information Act, Colonel Corso reveals for the first time his personal stewardship of alien artifacts from the crash, and discloses the U. government's astonishing role in the Roswell incident: what was found, the cover-up, and how these alien artifacts changed the course of twentieth-century history.The UFO Cover-Up: What the Government Won't Say Lawrence Fawcett, Barry J. Greenwood reveal in this fascinating, thought-provoking book, based on the government's own research and internal files, what they have learned about: UFO's as a threat to national security.But the greatest challenge is explaining the ‘why'. Why a ‘black' or unacknowledged government within the government? R Ending the secrecy surrounding the UFO/ET subject is a laudable goal. It would transform the world in ways both simple and profound. There are multiple scenarios attending the disclosure of the UFO subject-and not all of them have the best interests of humanity at heart. Focusing on the post-World War II era, Good includes a large number of worldwide sightings many of which will be new to American readers.Buy from Amazon Buy from Barnes & Noble more info...

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