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The first date shouldn't be at some fancy restaurant or be a big drawn out affair.

A lot of tips on how to date women will tell you to keep it light. You keep it light because from day 1 you're contributing to the fiber of your relationship.

For starters, you make yourself come off as “better than everyone” since you are trying to say online dating is beneath you to a community of online daters.

That’s like going to Jenny Craig and the first thing you say is, I don’t need or want to lose weight, I don’t know why I’m here, but I would like to try it in front of a bunch of people who do want to lose weight or are in need of weight loss assistance, and expecting them to still be interested in you. You meet folks faster, save money and most importantly time and stress.

But for those of you who want to understand more about how to date women, there are some methods that are very important.

The first tip is to go on causal outlining, especially if you just met.

Online personals are nothing new, they are just an old idea (newspaper personal ad) with 24 hour accessibility.

It’s that 24 hour service though that makes it remarkable.

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Some things you should never ever do are: NEVER complement her on her beauty in the first 4 weeks of dating, tell her how strong your feeling are during the first few months of dating, start to supplicate to her.

People are no longer just looking for a boyfriend or girlfriend or spouse, some people just want a hook up, some want a no strings attached sexual relationship, some want “group fun”, etc etc.

The sheer idea of sleeping with another partner in the past would have you shunned out of your neighborhood in the 80’s yet here we are in 2012 and these same acts are almost encouraged and sought after.

Guys have wanted tips on how to date women for as long as language existed.

The basic truth is that if you like her and she like you then a natural progression will happened.

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